Our Work

Haldeman Residence

Chicago, Illinois
Two bedroom, two bathroom condominium gut rehab
1,300 sq.ft.
Completed 2007

Perhaps due to the unusual angles in the building’s floor typical floor plan, the original unit suffered from a feeling of being compartmentalized and disjointed and consisted of a series of unrelated spaces. It is interesting to look at the before and after plans in the Drawing section of this website to see the transformation through a few subtle but effective moves. A subtly curving wall follows the natural circulation path through the center of the unit and reduces what was previously a collection of three angled walls and a column to just one smooth flowing gesture. To further the process of reduction from the convoluted to the simple, a series of walls which previously enclosed the second bedroom and the den were eliminated in favor of a single free standing tongue and groove bamboo wrapped element which simultaneously houses the hvac unit and creates a built-in dining room bench with storage. A large aluminum and frosted glass sliding partition can easily be pulled from its pocket to closed and provide privacy for the second bedroom/office, while a built-in Murphy bed and flanking storage closets conceal a queen sized bed until needed.

Materials: bamboo tongue and groove flooring, ceramic tile floors, stained brush pine wood veneer cabinets and panels, limestone tile, natural quartz countertop, sandblasted glass panels, opaque white glass mosaic tiles.